FRIDAY, August 18, 2017

Off-Grid Education Fest for area students

10:00 PM – 2:00 PM –  Pinhole Camera Making, How Solar Works and Working in Solar & Physics and Myths of the Eclipse


5:30 PM  – Sensua Players

6:30 PM  – Ralph Roddenberry

8:00 PM  – Delta Moon

9:30 PM  – Caroline Aiken


4:00 PM  – Yin Yoga w/Christina and Ken

5:00 PM  – Contra Dance w/Tim Cape and Cattywampas

6:30 PM  – The Penumbra Poets

7:00 PM  – Atlanta Rock n’ Roll Allstars

8:30 PM  – Jess Goggans

10:00 PM  – Nattilovejoys

SATURDAY, August 19, 2017



10:15 AM – Poets of the Penumbra

11:00 AM – SunWatcher Invocation with Tom Blue Wolf & Atlanta ConunDrums

12:30 PM– Deep Blue Sun

2:00 PM  – Strung Like a Horse

3:30 PM  – Poets of the Penumbra

4:00 PM – Flying Mystics

5:30 PM –  Fest Announcements & Leo Roar

6:00 PM  – Donna Hopkins

7:30 PM  –  Copious Jones

9:30 PM  – Donna the Buffalo

12:00 AM  – Fest Closes



9:00 AM  – Morning Yoga with Christina Law

10:30 AM  – Qigong with Tommy Galloway

11:00 AM –  SunWatcher Invocation with Tom Blue Wolf & the Atlanta ConunDrums

12:00 PM  – Creative Movement w/Madera Salvaje

1:00 PM  – Poetry w/Wing et al

2:00 PM  – Glorious Chorus w/Elise Witt and Terry Garthwaite

3:00 PM  – Cajun Dance w/Hair of the Dog

4:30 PM  – Belly Dance w/Lacey Jo

5:30 PM  – Aviva and the Flying Penguins

7:30 PM  – Harry Rodger & Wild West Wales Mates

8:30 PM  – Salso with Veronica Zapata

9:30 PM – Reggaetone with Nelson Zapata

12:00 AM  – Fest Closes

SUNDAY, August 20, 2017



12:00 PM   – Poets of the Penumbra

12:30 PM  – Elise Witt and Terry Garthwaite

2:00 PM  – Michael Cornett and Friends

3:30 PM  – Gopher Broke w/Bobby Don Bloodworth

5:00 PM – Closing Ceremony with  Tom Blue Wolf & Blue Mesa

6:00 PM – Fest Closes



9:30 AM  – Morning Yoga with Christina Law

10:30 AM  – Qigong with Tommy Galloway

12:00 PM  – Poets of the Penumbra

12:30 PM  –  Tai Chi with Cate Morrill

2:00 PM  – Poets of the Penumbra

2:30 PM – Heidi Pollyea & Billy Gerwin with Marla Feeny & the GridFest Songwriters

4:30 PM  – Off-Grid Improv with the Blue Ridge Community Theater

5:30 PM  – Closing Ceremony with Tom Blue Wolf and Blue Mesa

6:00 PM – Fest Closes

Learn More about the Artists and Presenters

Our Featured Speakers:


Dave Freeman:

AKA “The Green Cowboy” is an engineer, attorney, author, utility manager, and eco-pioneer. Now working as consultant to Friends of the Earth, Freeman assisted in the creation of the EPA and the nation’s first energy and environmental policies. He worked with the Nixon, Ford, Carter and Clinton White Houses. Named by President Jimmy Carter to head the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Freeman stopped eight nuclear reactors on order and under construction at TVA. He has led public utilities in Sacramento, New York City, and Los Angeles, initiating effective programs for efficiency, solar and green power and is featured in the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? He has written four books: Energy: A New Era, Winning Our Energy Independence, All Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future, The Green Cowboy: An Energetic Life.

The Rising Sun: The Answer to the Climate Crisis

12Noon, Saturday, Presentation Tent

PANEL: Georgia’s Renewable Energy Future: Can We Get There from Here?

1PM, Sunday, Presentation Tent

Jeff Tiller

“Renewables and Energy Efficiency Rock”

cofounded Southface Energy Institute, organizing friends to help renovate a $1 house into energy efficient, passive solar headquarters for Southface. He was on the faculty of Appalachian State University, researching sustainability and working on energy policy in North Carolina and neighboring states. Now retired from teaching, he owns Building Performance Engineering and continues to advocate for a more progressive energy future.

Renewables and Energy Efficiency Rock,

5PM, Saturday, Presentation Tent

PANEL: Georgia’s Renewable Energy Future: Can We Get There from Here?

1PM, Sunday, Presentation Tent

JEFF POPPEN – Long Hungry Creek Farm – 10.20.11
© Photograph by Alan Messer []
Jeff Poppen – The Barefoot Farmer

“Organic and Biodynamic Farming”

AKA “The Barefoot Farmer,” is the owner and operator of Long Hungry Creek Farms in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. For the past 25 years, he has been tending to the soil and growing the plants using organic and bio-dynamic farming methods. Jeff advises farmers, new and old, about how to set up their farm as a whole, integrated system building symbiotic relationships between the plants, the soil, the weather and the farmer.

5:30PM, Friday, Workshop Tent

Greg Feiden:

“Physics and Myths of Eclipses”

Professor of Astronomy at the
University of North Georgia, studies the evolution of stars.
By injecting vast amounts of energy and momentum into
their surroundings, stars drive the formation of galaxies and planets. His particular area of research is using magnetic fields to understand how stars are born, grow and die.

Physics and Myths of Eclipses, Friday morning OFF GRID Education Fest

Beth Remmes:

“Sacred Activism”

is speaking on behalf of Georgia Interfaith Power & Light which equips people of faith to respond to the environmental challenges of our time. Her talk, based on Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects will help participants realize the power that we each have to create a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

Sacred Activism, 3:30PM, Saturday, Workshop Tent

Sacred Activism – Beth Remmes

Josh McCall:

“Progressive Ideas to Serve the 9th District”

Josh McCall is running for 9th District US House of Representatives against Doug Collins out of concern for the elevation of greed, deceit, aggression and hatred following the recent Presidential election. As a Hall County teacher, Josh says, “My life as a teacher has made me appreciate the value of civility and service in leadership.”

Progressive Ideas to Serve the 9th District,

2:30PM Sunday, Presentation Tent

Ted Terry:

is Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, the most ethnically diverse square mile in America. He is developing innovative new models around civilian-led policing, tiny house developments and micro-farming, as well as committing Clarkston to a goal of 100% clean energy by 2050. Ted is also the Executive Director of the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club, serves on the Dekalb County Board of Health, and on the advisory board for the Global Village Project for refugee girls who have experienced interruptions and gaps in their formal education.

PANEL: Georgia’s Renewable Energy Future: Can We Get There from Here?

1PM, Sunday, Presentation Tent

Tom Blue Wolf:

SunWatcher Builder – “Acknowledging Each Being with Gratitude”

walked the north Georgia mountains with his grandfather, a Muscogee Creek elder and he walks today with his Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits. Blue Wolf sees our Earth full of richness and diversity that give humans the ability to dwell wisely in the many different places on our planet. Blue Wolf uses his talents to create healing herbal products and educate people of all ages on the importance of relationship with the earth and each other. He built the SUN


Acknowledging Each Being with Gratitude