Presentations, Workshops, Activities

Workshops and Presentations

We will be adding more workshops and presentations regularly until the festival. Please keep looking back for the most current schedule.  



Nagasaki Rememberence – Nuclear Watch South

Zanna Lee – Listen To Your Body: How I cured my son’s Crohn’s Disease Naturally

Danny’s Dumpsters – Black Soldier Fly Composting

Jim Boardwine – Salt Harvesting

Panel – Energy Infrastructure and Policy

Panel – Climate Change and Justice in North Carolina

Dave Freeman – Keynote Speaker – Our Future Energy Infrastructure

Cate Morrill – Tai Chi

Mountain View Farms – Aquaponics

Megan Naylor – Goatherding

Canary Coalition – Energy Legislation in North Carolina

Bounty and Soul – Community Empowerment and Food Resiliency

Blue Horizon’s Project – Clean Energy Future for Buncombe County

Climate Reality Project – Climate Change Basics

Sunrise Movement – Green New Deal Explaines

Living Web Farms – Biochar

Norm’s Farm – Goods from the Woods and Profits from the Understory

Morgan Caraway – Sustainable Building

Warren Wilson  – Warren Wilson Farm Tours

Frank Holzman – Regenerative Agriculture

Kiss My Hive – Beekeeping

Frani Green – Yoga

Ed Witkin and Terry Love – Solar 101

Power2Choose – Advanced Energy Storage and Personal Energy Security

Blythe Brown – Kid’s Yoga

Verner Center – High Quality Early Education

Warren Wilson – Waste Recycling Facility Tours

Living Web Farms – Renewable Energy Systems on a Farm

Panel – Green Jobs

Creation Care Alliance – Faith-based Environmental Stewardship

North Carolina State University – Hemp Farming

Tama – Breathing Workshop

Folk Apothic – Herbiary

Tom Blue Wolf – Spiritual Ecology

NC Warn – NC Clean Path 2025

Ed Witkin and Terry Love – Solar 101

Closing Ceremony