Energy and the Environment

The energy grid consumes water, air & soil.  What are effective tools for people to gain access to sustainable energy sources and consume less energy from the grid?

We are seeking participants in fields such as:

  •  solar installation companies

  • wind energy companies

  • energy-wise building

  • solar energy storage

  • education about energy production’s effect on the environment

  • Southern Appalachian natural resources

  • Southern Appalachian environmental stewardship

  • technology recycling

  • renewable energy financing schemes for rural America

  • jobs in green energy production

  • hands-on education for grades 6-12 about energy consumption and renewable energy production

  • hands-on education for grades 6 – 12 about southern Appalachian natural resources

  • workshops and seminars (up to 1 hour) in renewable energy and building technology.

We look forward to your participation!

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