Music & Presenters

The music stages are looking mighty impressive, and the presenters at this years Fest will bring so much to your table, you won’t want to miss this.  

Come, Learn and Enjoy!  

A Sneak Peek at our Music Lineup:

The Music Stage:

Donna the Buffalo

Caroline Aiken * Copious Jones

Donna Hopkins * Bobby Don and Gopher BrokeDeep Blue Sun *  Delta Moon  * Elise Witt & Terry Garthwaite *  Flying Mystics *

Ralph Roddenberry *  Strung Like a Horse * Aviva and the Flying PenguinsAtlanta Rock and Roll Allstars * Jess Goggans Band * Tim Cape and Cattywampus *  Hair of the Dog *Michael Cornett Band * Natti Lovejoys * Heidi Pollyea *

 Sensua Players    AND MORE!! 

The Presenters:

Dave Freeman, Energy Giant !